Sirtophamhattfan7 (Born Wiki Island, UK) is a Writer and UK narrator who made the show Railway Season.

He is the the creator of Railway Season, and is also the narrator of Railway Season Volumes in the UK and AUS (from Season 1 - Season 5). As SirHandel27 is narrating Wilbert the Forest Engine, it is unknown whether he will be the narrator for Season 6. He was also the narrator of US and CAN (Season 1 only).

Sirtophamhattfan7 was director of the show from the Episode Pilot right until the Final episode of Season 4. SirHandel27 is now the director of the show.

Season 1

  1. Thomas and Gordon
  2. Thomas to the Rescue
  3. Edward's Big Day
  4. Edward and Gordon
  5. The Sad Story of Henry
  6. Edward, Henry and Gordon
  7. James and The Top-Hat
  8. James and The Bootlace/The Bootlace
  9. Silly Trucks
  10. James and The Express
  11. Thomas Goes Fishing

Season 2

  1. Percy the New Engine! (with london2012fan)
  2. Duck Arrives (with london2012fan)
  3. 8 Famous Engines (with london2012fan)
  4. Hello Twin Engines
  5. Bill and Ben!
  6. BoCo's Christmas Rescue
  7. Meeting the Queen!
  8. Summer Arrives! (with London2012fan)
  9. Oliver and Toad (with london2012fan and Scwatch-pad-wiki-wabs)
  10. Rheneas Comes Home

Season 3

  1. Hight Speed Gordon! (with London2012fan)
  2. Percy's Ghost/ Thomas, Percy, Toby and The Ghost/ Percy and The Ghost
  3. Thomas and Terence
  4. Railway Season: Comic Relief Special (with London2012fan and Scwatch-pad-wiki-wabs)
  5. Railway Season: F1 Special (with London2012fan and Scwatch-pad-wiki-wabs)
  6. Percy and Harold
  7. Duncan (episode) (with Scwatch-pad-wiki-wabs)
  8. Off The Rails (with London2012fan)
  9. Terence, Bertie and Harold! (with London2012fan)
  10. Donald's Ghost! (with Scwatch-pad-wiki-wabs)

Season 4

  1. Mavis The Quarry Diesel (with London2012fan)
  2. Train Stops Play
  3. Bye George!
  4. Emily's First Day/Emily's First Day on Sodor (with London2012fan and Scwatch-pad-wiki-wabs)
  5. Rex, Bert and Mike's Railway
  6. Duck and Bulgy
  7. Duck and the Horrid Lorry's
  8. Rusty and Boulder
  9. Edward's Exploit (with SirHandel27)
  10. Diesel's New Trick (with London2012fan)
  11. Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady (with London2012fan, Scwatch: No. 2 and SirHandel27)

Season 5

  1. Salty and Mavis (with SirHandel27)
  2. Thomas, Percy and the Chinese Dragon (with SirHandel27)
  3. Colds and Coal (with London2012fan)
  4. Percy's Big Bath! (with SirHandel27)
  5. Signal Trouble! (with SirHandel27)
  6. Old Iron (with SirHandel27)
  7. Donald's Duck
  8. Percy the Brave!
  9. Thomas and the Rumours (with SirHandel27)
  10. Toby and the Snowstorm (with London2012fan, Scwatch: No. 2, SirHandel27 and Rockstar Engine Fan)
  11. Rheneas' Snow Rescue! (with London2012fan)
  12. Thomas' Missing Christmas Tree (with London2012fan, Scwatch: No. 2, SirHandel27 and Rockstar Engine Fan)

Season 6

  1. Mavis and the Lorry (with SirHandel27)
  2. A Tale of Rusty


  1. Thomas' Rescue: The Movie (with Scwatch-pad-wiki-wabs and London2012fan)
  2. Wilbert the Forest Engine (with SirHandel27London2012fanScwatch: No. 2 and Rockstar Engine Fan)